Personal Training

What can LivFit Personal Training offer you?

Healthy weight loss is based on nutrition, exercise, knowledge, and attitude. Our program addresses these four areas and more. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating smart and regular exercise routines help contribute to a more healthy you and control risk factors for common illnesses such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The LivFit personal trainers are credentialed, knowledgeable and experienced.

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Trainer with member at Phifer Wellness Center


Take advantage of our expertise

some of the best trainers in our region

From intake health assessments to healthy eating counseling, our trainers are dedicated to your success. As a medically-based Wellness Center for Blue Ridge HealthCare we have all the resources necessary for your excellent care. Let Phifer Wellness Center be a retreat where you can enjoy a helpful social environment conducive to healthy lifestyle change.

Our goal is to provide a work out program dedicated to meeting your needs. Your personal trainer will recommend exercises best suited to your fitness goals and show you the correct technique for performing the exercise.
It’s easy to slip on your workouts sometimes, especially when you get busy. You’ll find it’s hard to slip with a trainer standing with you, motivating you to do your best. For more information on LivFit program rates or training sessions, call Phifer Wellness Center at 580-6600.